The fabulous destiny of Poker Alice

You all know that the poker game was not born from the last rain! Embark for a moment with us, at the time of saloons, cowboys and Indians, for a thrilling story of the most legendary card games. During our American journey, we will make you discover the adventures of the first professional poker player: Alice Poker! Between trips, pistols and love, it is a thrilling story that we will try to revive ... for several winning hands.

Poker to live in the era of the West West West

With her birth name, Alice Nevers, crossed the Atlantic with her family to settle in the state of Virginia at the beginning of 1851. Due to the gold rush, Alice settled in The Colorado where she meets a man there, Frank Duffield, poker lover. Before his death caused by an accidental explosion in a mine, Alice's husband had left a very important heritage in Alice's eyes: the practice of poker!

Indeed, according to legend, Alice frequently moved with her husband during her frenzied card games. Through observation, she would have learned all the basics and essential strategies to win a game of poker. It was notably this practice that allowed him to support his needs, just widowed. While no profession "reserved" for women interested him, Alice decides to live entirely on the card game! Thanks to assets that only a young woman of the time had around the tables, Alice was able to get out of the game to strip a good number of men who bet all their income in poker. Following these first victories, the legend was born ...

Between machoists, pistols and stunning romances

By word of mouth, Alice's reputation has grown so much that a crowd of minors rushed into the saloons To measure up to the famous poker player. It is even said that the owners of the establishments begged her to come and tackle the regulars of their playgrounds! Her opponents were however warned since she did not hesitate to start a game with this sentence: " Pray the Lord then make your games, because I will take all your money without any regret. »

While all the players were starting to call her Alice Poker, the young woman fell in love with a building painter, Warren Tubbs who later became his playmate. Besides, during a game to Suspense, one of their opponent brandishes a knife to threaten Alice's friend. The latter, far from being intimidated, used from her pistol to shoot the arm of the bad player who had, no doubt, drunk too much to accept his defeat.

"Pray the Lord then make your games, because I will take all your money without any regret." »»

Following numerous gains cashed, Alice stored by founding a family and buying a ranch with her companion Warren. Nevertheless, when he died, the story seemed to be repeated since Poker Alice put the foot in the stirrup to challenge the best poker players and thus try to make a living.

Alice in the legend of the card game

The story of Alice Poker is exciting and punctuated by anecdotes still as crisp. After the death of her third husband, the poker player embarked on a completely different adventure by creating her own saloon. At the time of prohibition, Alice Poker still sold alcohol to accompany game lovers until the day a soldier, intoxicated, caused a fight in his establishment.

Cigar in the mouth, Alice did not let herself be done and pulled on the man of her caliber 38. imprisoned, then acquitted, the poker lover continued to live from the card game, but also from her little case. Until her death at 79, Alice Poker experienced several troubles with American justice for drunkenness, but also because of her professional activity. Gracked at 75 in view of her age, Alice notably said: " I could knit like people my age, but I prefer to play poker with experts rather than eating. »

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