Who are the characters on poker cards?

They maof you make a lot of money, we are not talking about your tokens or your strategy, but many cards! Indeed, whether it is a flush fifth, a square, a sequel or a bank, your hand is always maof up of cards. This is the base of poker, a card game. So, to pay tribute to those who can make you rich, we celebrate the characters drawn on our playing cards. Besides, even if they appeared in Europe towards the 14th century, did you know that the cards have never been invented in Europe? Rather, it is the old oriental civilizations, such as China, the Near East, Persia and India that left us the first traces of the fundamental tool to play poker. Between mythologies and royalty, discover who hides behind the characters of the playing cards.

Valets, to serve you!

The valet is the weakest character in card games unless we practice belote, it is the asset! Historically, a faithful servant, the Valet For example represents, the Hire, or rather, Etienne of Vignolles, who tried to deliver Joan of Arc from the English hands before being captured himself. Furthermore, it may be that the Tile valet Also an ally of Joan of Arc, but we prefer the more ancient version. He would represent Hector, the son of King Priam who proudly fought during the Trojan War. In addition, to know who hides behind the Valet, you have to go to a slightly more Nordic country. It would be Hogier, a mythical knight from Denmark who has long opposed Charlemagne during the expansion of his empire. Finally, the Clover You are certainly more familiar. Renowned thanks to the writings of Christian of Troyes and his knights of the round table, the valet of clover is none other than, Lancelot du Lac, the companion of King Arthur!

Ladies, hidden power!

"The king of heart represents for example, Charlemagne, mythical emperor of the year 800 [...]"

To start, you all know that the Lady of Heart is a representation of beauty. Well, in the card games, it was Judith who obtained this title despite a less glamorous story. Character of the Bible, Judith seduced the chief of Babylon in order to cut her throat into his sleep. The Tile lady Also appears in the Bible. It would be Rachel, Joseph's mother who found herself abandoned by his people but collected by the Egyptians. He is notably at the origin of the arrival of the Hebrews in Egypt, long before their enslavement. Otherwise, the Queen of Spades is Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom in Greek mythology. While the Clover lady Represents Argine, or: Juno, Queen of the gods for the Romans or Marie d'Anjou, Queen of USA during the reign of Charles VII. We don't really know who the lady of clover is.

Kings, the greatness of power!

Let's finish the presentation of our playing cards with kings, the most powerful figures of the game. The King of heart For example represents Charlemagne, a mythical emperor of the year 800 and king of the Franks. Furthermore, the Tile king is nonetheless known since it is Julius Caesar! A great conqueror, he bequeathed an exceptional Roman Empire to his son Octave. the King of represents David, character of the Bible. First shepherd, he won a fabulous fight against Goliath before becoming king of the Jewish people. Finally, the Clover king is surely the greatest head of state that history has known. It is indeed, Alexander the Great! Even if he has not completed his project to conquer the whole world, his exploits have crossed the eras.

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