Top 5 - Hidden talents of poker pros players

Poker is good, but many professional players deciof to swap the game cards to launch new challenges. What we can notice is that poker allows players to develop a lot of other skills. If poker lovers are really versatile, poker is surely for something. Thanks to multiple aspects of the game, a professional poker player will be able to stimulate skills that can be used in a lot of other areas. From board games to eSports, including music, television, magic, or business, poker pros players are just as efficient in these activities as around a game table. See by you -Mend, with our top 5 hidden talents of professional poker players!

David Eldar a Le Scrabble

David Eldar no longer really participates in the biggest poker tournaments. Asiof from a few bets on the net, the former Australian pro player used his qualities to succeed in a completely different challenge. In addition to his London business in real estate, David Eldar has become a world champion of Scrabble this summer. Boring for some, this board game allowed Eldar to win £ 7,000.

Liv Boeree and modeling, TV and much more

Liv Boeree leads a busy life. A true poker expert and holder of the WSOP bracelet since this year, this Englishwoman has many passions. In addition to riding a horse and playing guitar -a whole bunch of hard -rock pieces -, Liv Boeree is also graduated in physics and astrophysics. These skills also give it the right to participate in some university conferences in the United Kingdom. Of course, Liv Boeree is also a model and a TV presenter during the short time!

Antonio Esfandiari et la Magie

Antonio Esfandiari is not nicknamed " The Magician " for nothing. Indeed, well before embarking on the biggest poker tournaments, this player of Iranian origin was a professional magician. Without reminiscent of the famous film " Elusive ", Antonio’s prestidigitation movement was remarkable when he won tokens. The Americans even launched a TV show on poker and magic with Esfandiari!

Bertrand Gropsellier It L'Esport

Bertrand Grospellier is the biggest American winner in poker. He is the first in USA to win the triple crown. But before that, Grospellier was a real star of esports and video games StarCraft™. With his nickname "Elky", this poker player has crisscrossed the world to win video game tournaments. He is now part of the teamliquid which competes for competitions on the game Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft™.

Terrence Chan and martial arts

The Poker Terrence Chan player is, without a doubt, not like the others! If his passion for the card game strategy remains intact, this American dreams above all to participate in the UFC World Championship. No, you are not dreaming, Terrence Chan is a professional fighter of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). In its octagonal cage or around a poker table, it would be better not to offend Terrence Chan.

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