Privacy policy

Please take the time to read these lines concerning your rights on the information collected by


The terms "we", "our", "our" used in the following lines relate to By continuing navigation and using the services offered on our site, you accept the conditions of use mentioned below.

The terms "you", "your", "user", "users", "member", "members", "reader" and "readers" used referent to people sailing on this site.

When we speak of "personal data", this refers to the information of the persons mentioned above.

"Our site" or "our platform" refer to all the pages of

Information collected

During your visit to, we collect a certain number of information and details, in a way and in specific goals:

  • Offer you a better browsing experience on our site and improve the services offered by For this we analyze the pages visited to determine the subjects and services most sought after by users.
  • We will sometimes ask you to communicate your electronic or postal addresses to us, complete identities, phone numbers. You alone deciof to communicate this data to us, which may be necessary to access our services or for legal reasons: confirmation of the legal minimum age to benefit from certain services offered by, for example.
  • The data collected automatically by is linked to your I.P address: associated cookies proviof data on the sites visited before, during and after your navigation on We can access the hours and access dates to our site. We use this data to improve your experience on
  • The authorized services collect information communicated voluntarily by the user: an email address to receive our newsletter for example. The information collected by these services may incluof identity photos, electronic addresses used to register on our site, identity information: date of birth, sex and full name.
  • By using our services, you authorize the collection and storage of this information to improve your experience on our site, as well as the sharing of this information with third parties in the event of legal necessity.

Use of data collected will collect various data during user visit to assess and improve the services offered to these users. Here are some examples of the use that can be maof of this data:

  • Operational services : The information collected can help us proviof and improve or maintain user service. This information will be crossed with the requests, comments, questions or recommendations sent to to proviof the best possible service to users.
  • Improvement of the service : Analyze and understand these data allows us to proviof you with a service that best meets your expectations. We can thus offer you new products, a more pleasant navigation experience, additional functions or the reshuffle of less popular functions.
  • Communications : The data collected can allow us to communicate with users for administrative needs. This will also allow us to prevent cases of fraud, bad uses of our services and to deal with any complaints received. We will also be able to communicate to you the promotions and exclusive offers offered by or third parties. You can deciof to refuse to benefit from its services (cf. "your rights").
  • Cookies and navigation monitoring : information can be automatically collected by cookies and navigation tools in the following goals: personalization of services, for example, so that you do not have to enter your identifiers with each visit; Offer you promotions and advertisements corresponding to you; Control user activity on the site, connection statutes and the use of promotions.
  • Traffic analysis : We use Google Analytics to measure and evaluate traffic on the site. We are in no way linked with Google's services, however, Google can also consult your activity on our site via its tools.

We take the greatest care of data and information collected on our users. This data can be used to solve technical problems, but will then be maof anonymous.

Information communication

This section concerns the information voluntarily communicated by the user in These data are collected and can be used:

  • The information voluntarily left by the user on, for example via messages or comments, accessible for us as for other users.
  • Our site is inevitably developed, maintained, hosted and fed by third parties. These will have access to the information and personal data of users, within the reasonable limit that is the proper execution of their services. For security reasons, these third parties are bound by confidentiality concerning this data.
  • Other information: the information to which third party access is used for statistical analysis, marketing, correlation of user navigation habits, improvement of the content, functions and services used.
  • Compliance and legality : We may have to proviof your information in the event of a request from a competent judicial or administrative authority. We cooperate with the authorities and government agencies in the legal context. This brings together the following fields: verification of responsibility, protection against fraudulent, illegal or abusive activities, defense against allegations or accusations issued by third parties, security and access to our services, protection of our ownership and associated rights, compliance with contracts, protection of our rights and those of our users.
  • Change of property : In the event of a change of ownership of the site by buyout or partnership, your personal data will be accessible for at least one third party. The new owner must in turn establish a privacy policy that respects your rights. The data can be transmitted physically or electronically to the new site holder. This change of property can also be consecutive to a seizure, the sale of entities or a possible bankruptcy.

Your rights

We respect your rights and we give you reasonable access to the data collected during your navigation on and the use of our services. You can claim this information, request their modification or erasure. To do this, you can send us your request via the page " Contact us ».

If you do not wish to communicate certain information to us, we cannot be able to proviof you with all of the services offered on our site.

You can request access to your data at any time, except in the event of legal proceedings opposing it. You can point out to us any failure noted or estimated at your legal rights. You can also the competent data protection agency.

You can refuse the collection of information carried out by Google Analytics using the module offered on the page: .

You can unsubscribe from commercial emails at any time using the "unsubscribe" function available directly in emails, or by ing us via the "Contact us" section. The unsubscribe process can take up to 10 working days. You may continue to receive emails directly concerning the services offered by our site during this period.

Relations with third parties

Our site contains links or functions offered by third parties, we are in no way responsible for the information, services or content offered by these third parties. You are responsible for the information you deciof to communicate with these third parties, so we advise you to inform yourself before using their services.

Data protection complies with European Union regulations concerning the collection and use of personal data (GDPR). In the event of a dispute, the legal texts concerned will be authoritative.

Use of cookies

Cookies are used by Parieraucanada for various reasons:

  • Essential cookies : Allow you to navigate between the different pages of the site, use our secure service to connect in the event of loss of your identifiers.
  • Navigation on the site : Cookies allow us to understand the course of users on the site in order to improve their experience and the fluidity of navigation on the site, as well as to correct any addressing errors.
  • Functional cookies : save you from entering your identifiers with each visit, allow you to keep your language / country / display preferences.
  • Targeted advertising : Cookies allow us to offer you offers and products corresponding to your interests.

Minor protection

We do not proviof a service for people under the age of 18. Our policy is to refuse access to our services for minor people and we do not collect data from these people, except in exceptional cases, with the agreement of a legal tutor, or in the context of legal proceedings.

If you are under the age of 18, please immediately stop any activity related to our site or services. If you are a legal parent or tutor and you suspect fraudulent behavior, signal it via the page " Contact us »: We will delete any information collected automatically.

This service is not intended for minors, we reserve the right to delete any content published by a user under the age of 18. However, we cannot guarantee 100% deletion of all published data.


We respect the rules in force concerning the protection of the information to which we are submitted. We respect the legal obligations in terms of administration, technical management and concerning the physical protection of data. We use SSL data encryption technology, to ensure that the transmitted data is not altered, destroyed or disclosed.

We set up all the measures necessary to ensure the protection of user data, however, no system is 100% reliable: the user is solely responsible for the transmitted data. In case of hacking of your personal data, we will you, as well as the competent authorities, in order to find a legal outcome.

If you think your data has been stolen, use the section " Contact us To report it to us.

Data storage

Data storage is limited over time. We will keep user data during the time necessary to optimize the services cited above, or in the event of a legal request. We will respect the legal obligation to keep the data in the event of a dispute, or to ensure that the following points have been properly respected:

  • Safety options : You have the right to change your safety and confidentiality preferences, you must keep in mind that no safety measure is infallible. We cannot be held responsible in the event of a safety breach concerning our site or our services.
  • Data transfer : The data provided to the third parties located in the European Union could be subject to different security levels. We are not responsible for data management by third parties. We guarantee the best levels of security during data transfer, but cannot ensure absolute security.

Control and use of data is the data controller, in the terms provided by the GDPR of the European Union of Regulation 2016/679. This means that all the personal data collected will be checked by, which also decides to use this data.

Except exceptions, does not have control over the use, storage or collection of data by third parties, although the service providers of can use the data in the name of, in relation With the services offered to users by our site.

Changes and updates of this policy

This policy may be modified or updated to comply with legal obligations or in the event of evolution of our practices. We advise you to consult this page to keep you informed of the latest developments in our privacy policy, our services and your rights. By continuing to use our services, the user includes and accepts the detailed conditions on this page.

Contact us

For any questions or information concerning our privacy policy, us directly on the page " Contact us ».

Last update: May 25, 2018

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