Blachowicz teixeira prognosis: Guiof to bet on this fight

CompetitionUFC Light Heavyweight
HourlySunday October 31, 2021 at 3:00 a.m.
Our prognosisBlachowicz wins the fight
Cote1.40 (Make 100 USAs and win 140 USA)

Our prognosis

Blachowicz wins the fight
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1.40 LeovecIn case of Blachowicz's victory, you win 100 x 1.40 = 140 frame To bet
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Notre Pronostic: Les Cotes Blachowicz - Teixeira

Many boxers, and particularly MMA (Mixed Art Martial), who await the UFC events impatiently. This time the UFC 267, will see Jan Blachowicz, the current UFC Light Champion Heaevy Weight, defend its title against the Challenger Glover Teixeira.

This will be played on a single 5 -round fight at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi at the United Arab Emirates. More than 18,000 people will be able to attend this event in the room and thousands in front of their TV screen in the world!

This fight will be the principal of the evening UFC 267 event, which will take place on Sunday October 31, 2021 around 03:00 in the morning. The UFC will be highlighted at Etihad Areena, with several fights, including two for the title.

Blachowicz teixeira for the titre UFC Light Heavyweight And Sterling Yan for the title UFC Bantamweight. We will be interested in this article at the main event and deliver our analysis and our 100 % free prognosis!

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What you need to know before betting on the Blachowicz - Teixeira combat

Our experts will now deliver a maximum of information to know before we can bet on the combat UFC Blachowicz - Teixeira. With the expertise of our teams, you should see much more clearly on this major opposition!

Jan Blachowicz

The Polish is almost no longer to present in UFC. At 38, the native of Cieszyn is nicknamed by his fans " Legendary Polish Power ", Or" the Polish legendary power" in American. We quickly understand what his qualities are and how this athlete is perceived by MMA connoisseurs.

In his semi-heavy category, he excels. First in the KSW organization at the start of his career, he was injured and then returned to MMA to finally arrive in UFC Light Heavyweight. Currently at 28 victories for 36 career fights, he has the title of champion of mid-heavy weights UFC since 2020 and his victory against Dominick Reyes.

Jan is a follower of Brazilian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is a very close friend of former UFC athlete Tomasz Drwal. They carried out a lot of training together in San Diego. Now, he trains in MMA alliance with names such as Gustafsson, Betran or Cruz!

The Muay Thai, combined with the ground skills of its Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, make this man One of the most pleasant fighters to watch EN UFC.

He simply likes a fight and does not hesitate to go, even in the face of the fiercers of the fighters! It is clear that he will do everything not to let go of his title and that he has the capacity.

Glover Teixeira

The 41 -year -old Brazilian is a big name in the UFC circuit. With these 1m88 and 93 kg, Glover has been present since 2002 in MMA. He is currently at 32 victories for 39 fights, 18 by KO, 9 by submission and 5 per decision!

It is a very committed athlete to make the UFC legal in most places in the United States. He has not yet won a title and this experienced challenger wishes to take it back in Blachowicz during this anthology fight!

Coming from Brazil, he came with his family in Connecticut in 1999, followed a boxing and Jiujitsu training then was spotted by Chuck Liddel who then trained him.

Black belt of Kajukenbo and Brazilian Jiujitsu, he is a master in submission. Certainly His standing fights can be slightly hesitant, but his fists and deceived feet and he can completely unbalance his opponents. Once Glover manages to drop his opponent on the ground, he never lets go!

Our Blachowicz prognosis against Teixeira - Conclusion

After carrying out our complete analysis of the two opponents of the day Teixeira and Blachowicz, we can reveal to you what we think that this famous evening of October 31 could happen.

On the one hand The braking Blachowicz And on the other, the pro of the teixeira submission. We think it is the Pole who should have the upper hand in the fight, especially since he defends his title that he will absolutely not want to let go.

His mentality and his spirit as a fighter will give him wings. However, he will have to pay attention to the imbalances caused by Blachowicz and will have to make sure not to fall, at the risk of being caught in the Brazilian vice!

Polish Jan Blachowicz is for us the favorite of this UFC event, he could well keep his title if he shows So much determination and violence in his blows. The hesitation of the Brazilian and his few standing weaknesses could cost him dearly.

🥊 Our prognosis ? Victory of Jan Blachowicz.

Blachowicz Contre Teixeira En streaming live

Do you want to see the confrontation between Blachowicz and Teixeira, but you are not going to move to Abu Dhabi? Our experts will explain all the solutions that can be offered to you to follow this UFC 267 fight live.

First, some Bookmakers offer UFC fights in streaming Directly from their catalog, depending on TV rights. Know that you must still have bet on the fight to take advantage of it!

The event will be broadcast on a lot of Different TV channels in the world, like UK TV, CBS Sports, ESPN and perhaps even Canal +. If you are using an TV IP, you will be able to find the fight on October 31.

Obviously, a final solution is available to you, it is possible to watch this fight Blachowicz Teixeira in Live Streaming on the Internet in a 100 % free way. You just have to type on the internet " Blachowicz Teixeira streaming "On the Internet or" UFC 267 Streaming "to find the viewing link!

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