2022 World Cup prognosis: our advice to prevail on the World Cup

This is the event the most anticipated and most followed on the planet, and it arrives at high speed: the World Cup of football. This year, it will take place in Qatar, and even if it will take place in several months, you can already predict it. So we have concocted the complete guiof to know everything about the subject, let's go!

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⚽ Event 2022 World Cup
⌛ Date of competition From November 21, 2022 to the World Cup final on December 18, 2022
🌍 Lieu Qatar
🥐 Title USA
🦚 More titled Brazil 5

Presentation of the 2022 World Cup

From Sunday November 20 to Sunday December 18, 2022 Benest sworer prognosis for 2022

Before entering the cogs of the 2022 World Cup In Qatar, here is a small presentation of each edition of the CDM:

Date Host country Winner
1930 Uruguay Uruguay (1er titre)
1934 Italy Italy (1st)
1938 USA Italy (2nd)
1950 Brazil Uruguay (2ème)
1954 Suisse Germany (1st)
1958 Sweden Brazil (1st)
1962 Chili Brazil (2nd)
1966 England England (1st)
1970 Mexico Brazil (3rd)
1974 Germany Germany (2nd)
1978 Argentine Argentine (1er)
1982 Spain Italy (3rd)
1986 Mexico Argentina (2nd)
1990 Italy Germany (3rd)
1994 USA Brazil (4th)
1998 USA USA (1st)
2002 South Korea / Japan Brazil (5th)
2006 Germany Italy (4th)
2010 South Africa Spain (1st)
2014 Brazil Germany (4th)
1958 Russia USA (2nd)

The teams already qualified for the Qatar World Cup

Qualifications are still in progress, and for the moment, only 14 nations have already validated their ticket for Qatar:

  • Qatar (1st participation): host country which will therefore play at home
  • Iran (6th participation): assured of being in the first two in group B of Asian qualifications
  • Germany (20th participation): finished 1st in group J of the Europe zone
  • Belgium (14th participation): finite 1st in group E of the Europe zone
  • Croatia (6th participation): finite 1st in group H of the Europe zone
  • Denmark (6th participation): finite 1st in group F of the Europe zone
  • USA (16th participation): finite 1st of group D of the Europe zone
  • Serbia (3rd participation): finished 1st in group A of the Europe area
  • Spain (16th participation): finished 1st in group B of the Europe zone
  • England (16th participation): finished 1st in group I of the Europe zone
  • USA (12th participation): finite 1st in group C of the Europe zone
  • The Netherlands (11th participation): finite 1st in group G of the Europe zone
  • Brazil (22nd participation): assured of being in the first four of the South American qualification group
  • L’Argentine (19ème participation) : assured of being in the first four of the South American qualification group

How does the CDM 2022 take place?

The different laps and repeated matches can sometimes make understanding hazardous. This is why the team of parieraucanada explains in detail the course of the various matches counting for the World Cup.

Designation of the organizing country

Several years upstream, a committee is selected to choose the allocation of the next FIFA World Cup. Several criteria are taken into account, and officially the best candidate is chosen, even if, unofficially, financial issues prevail most often.

Qatar was therefore chosen to accommodate the 2022 World Cup, even if Some aspects ask questions, like the death of several workers in construction sites, air conditioning in stadiums, among others.

For the 2026 World Cup, it is not one, but several countries that will welcome the World Cup, a trio maof up of Mexico, USA, and the United States. It will be the second time that several nations will be hosts after that of 2002 co -organized by Japan and South Korea, but it will be the first time that 3 countries will be in the organization of the World Cup.


For the 2022 edition, 32 teams are expected, and to find out which ones will be there, qualifications take place on each of the continents.

Each zone has its own operation and has a number of teams to send directly in the cut and a number of teams to be sent to the dam. The matches took place throughout the years before the World Cup, and all the qualified teams will be known in April 2022.

This system has a big advantage, that of giving each sports nation a chance to qualify, even the smallest, thus, Gabon, Djibouti, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Montenegro or the Faroe Islands have had a chance to qualify for 2022 World Cup dams.

Dam test

The World Cup already knows some teams that will participate, but others must first go through the dam stage. The rules and the calendar depend on each area, but some intercontinental dams then take place.

For example, for the Africa Zone dams, the draw has already taken place, and we already know the five dams of dams that will take place. The winner of each of these football round trip confrontations will go to the Football World Cup:

  • Ghana – Nigeria
  • Mali - Tunisia
  • Cameroon - Algeria
  • Egypt - Senegal
  • Morocco - Democratic Republic of Congo

In Europe, we also know the qualified teams for the dams, and the matches that will take place. There will be three additional qualifiers, one by way, here is each of them:

  • Way A: Ukraine - Scotland and Wales - Austria
  • Way B: Poland - Russia and Sweden - Czech Republic
  • Way C: North Macedonia - Italy and Portugal - Turkey

Procedure of the final phase

The 32 teams are then divided into 8 groups of 4And each of the teams will once face each of the group's other teams. A victory is worth three points, the draws one point, and a defeat no point.

When each day has taken place and the results are known, a classification is emerging. The two teams with the most points spin in a direct elimination phase (in case of equality, the team with the best Goal Average is qualified). From there, each defeat is eliminatory, and the losing team comes home.

At the start, there are therefore more than 16 teams that compete in the knockout stages, then eight teams who will fight in the quarter-final, four teams for the semi-finals, then the two winners of them will qualify for The grand finale. The two losers of the semi-finals will play a small final to know the identity of the country that will complete the podium.

What are our 5 winning World Cup teams?

Despite a wiof choice of contenders, the betting team in USA has decided to make predictions and in particular to announce the team that will win the World Cup. So we chose a shortlist of five names:

Germany ⚫🔴🟡

A real war machine, and after a troubled period, the National Mannschaft is advancing once again with great quality for the next World Cup. The emblematic coach Joachim Löw Leave the reins of Germany to his former assistant, who won everything in a short time with Bayern Munich: Hans Dieter Flick.

Löw had however recovered the team after the 2006 World Cup, and had been able to create a new generation of talent, revealing big names worldwiof today, like Mesut Özil, Thomas Müller, Toni Kroos, Jérôme Boateng, Manuel Neuer , Mats Hummels, Mario Gomez, and many others.

But the Germans took a big disillusionment in full face four years ago, being pitifully eliminated from the group phases, however in a pool within their reach (Mexico / Sweden / South Korea), which allowed them To really question yourself, to the point of changing a coach. Since taking office in 2021, Hans IF CK won the 7 games he played and gave his letters of nobility to the National Mannschaft.

Germany is the second most titled nation in history, with four titles, distributed throughout history, which shows the influence they had in history (1954 /1974 / 1990/2014). But beyond the titles, The Germans have always responded present, and have always been at least qualified for the quarter -finals since 1954 (except during the disillusionment of 2018), and have finished on the podium 12 times, in 18 participations, a more than safe value.

If you see Germany winning the Football World Cup, they are listed at 11 on Betway

Brazil 🟡🟢

What about Brazil! The Seleção is the country to have won the most title in the history of football, with 5 world titles, those acquired by the Great Skin (1958/1962 / 1970), that of the Bebeto-Romario duo (1994), and that obtained by the Grand Ronaldo (2002).

The yellows, green and blue are also the only ones to have qualified on each editions, and to have reached the round of 16 on each of them. However, they are sometimes less sharp in great moments, and only reached the podium on 9 times, and not once since their title in 2002.

The Seleção has a real pool of talents at each post, but with the hatching of new players every week, the Brazilian selection lacks stability, and automatisms are struggling to be done.

All the biggest clubs in the world have Brazilian players which highlights the quality of the workforce, such as PSG (Neymar or Marquinhos), Manchester City (Gabriel Jesus, Fernandinho et Ederson), Liverpool (Alisson Becker, Firmino et Fabinho), Chelsea (Thiago Silva), Barcelone (Neto et Dani Alves), or Le Real Madrid (Marcelo Militao, Rodrygo, Vinicius et Casemiro).

But the recent disappointing results put a big expectation on the shoulders of the Seleção, which is used to poorly manage the pressure, like their World Cup, that at home in 2014, which ended up with a fiasco and A 7 - 1 defeat against Germany in the semi -finals.

To summarize, there is an eternal pretender to the title, which certainly does not have the best workforce in its history, but which can be transcend at any time to win a sixth world title and enter history forever.

Brazil is listed at 7 on Betway

Spain 🔴🟡

Always nostalgic for the era Vicente del Bosque, the Spaniards hope a lot of their protégés for 2022. Roja has indeed experienced a very splendor period, rewarded by Euro 2008, the 2010 World Cup, then Euro 2012, with a very particular style, and a framework Remaining legendary, with Victor Valdès, Jordi Alba, Sergio Ramos, Gerard Piqué, Sergio Busquets, Xabi Alonso, Xavi, Andrès Iniesta, David Villa, Fernando Torres, Pedro, and others ...

But this sweet dream ended suddenly in 2014, with elimination from the hens against the Netherlands, Chile, and against Australia. From the selectors and the ideas have jostled until the arrival of Luis Henrique. The former Tactician of Barcelona gave meaning to this team and took Spain to the semi-final of the Euro, and a defeat to the penalties against the future Italian winners.

Today Spain has found defensive ideas, and there is only a question to be resolved, Who for the tip of the attack? Many different players have been tested, but never with the expected success. The time of Torres and Villa now seems far away, and neither the clumsy Morata, nor the irregular Moreno, nor the veteran of Tomas seem to meet the expectations placed in them. If you still see them winning the final title, know that they are sides at 9 on Betway.

England 🔴⚪

Often irregular and disappointing, England remains a major favorite for the final title, thanks to a very good quality workforce. The English have won only one trophy in history, a World Cup, at home in 1966. The teammates of Moore and Charlton obtained this title, despite doubts that hover over several doubtful events, including a goal today challenged in the final, that of Geoff Hurst against the FRG .

But recently, the Three Lions had the opportunity to shine, with routes largely within their reach, whether during the 2018 World Cup, they arrived in the semi-finals by beating Panama Tunisia, Colombia , and Sweden, before falling against Croatia, or during the euro, where they had the easiest group in addition to "only" Denmark in half to spin in the final and then lose against Italy. Despite past disappointments, and even without neo-coachs Rooney, Lampard et Gerrard, the English have probably had their best generation for over 50 years.

This return to the first European level is mainly due to export of English players. In the past, young English people preferred to be loaned in English D2 (championship) rather than elsewhere in Europe, but mentalities have changed, for the greater good of the selection. Thus, several current executives of the selection, or of young nuggets have expatriated like Emile Smith Rowe (A Leipzig), Fikayo Tomori (currently at AC Milan), Kieran Trippier (passed by Atlético of Madrid), Tammy Abraham (currently at AS Roma) or Juof Bellingham and Jason Sancho (both spent together at Borussia Dortmund).

If you finally see the English passing a course, know that they are listed at 8.5 on Betway

USA 🔵⚪🔴

Title holder, the American team is obviously favorite for the final title, even if they will have to be wary of the inevitable Curse of the World Cup winners. Indeed, since 2002, and with the exception of the 2006 edition, all the teams that won the World Cup have released in the hen on the next edition (USA in 2002, Italy in 2010, the Spain in 2014, and Germany in 2018).

Since 2014, USA has not been free from reproach, especially since without the famous chance of Didier Deschamps, the Blues could not have arrived at their end more than once. During the last euro, the American were eliminated from the knockout stages, against USA, on penalties. DD to save the furniture by winning the League of Nations, an unpredictable competition, but which will at least have saved the illusions in the eyes of all (especially since the victories against Belgium and Spain were acquired at the very end of Match, and with a more than litigious goal of Mbappé).

In addition to these internal problems and the curse, USA has surely has the best workforce on the planet,In competition may be with England. In Lloris goals never disappoint, just like its quality defenders, like Lucas Hernandez, Presnel Kimpembe, Benjamin Pavard, Kurt Zouma or Raphaël Varane. In the middle Paul Pogba always responds in selection, even if his performances are in a saw tooth with Manchester United, and the inevitable Ngolo Kanté is still there. The return of Karim Benzema did a lot of good, accompanied by high quality wingers, like Kingsley Coman, and especially the nugget Kylian Mbappé.

If you see them realizing the double (it only happened twice in history, Italy in 1934 - 1938, and Brazil in 1958 and in 1962), they are favorites and listed at 7 on Betway.

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Who are the best players in the World Cup?

Each selection can take 23 players in their luggage, which will give a total of736 footballers, for almost as many stars. We have selected 5, the best known, and that attackers, to also advise you for the title of top scorer in the competition.

Lionel Messi

Should we still present the best player in the history of football? The Lutin of Buenos Aires has long been happy with FC Barcelona, won all the possible trophies with 7 golden balls, and joined Paris Saint Germain last summer. Long Fanny with Argentina, and after three Copa America finals and a lost World Cup final, the Pulga has finally won a major trophy with the Albiceleste: The Cup America 2021.

To see therefore, if with an aging workforce, Messi and Argentina will manage to make an impression.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Eternal Rival of Messi, CR7 will be keen to do what his opponent has never done, won a World Cup. Long a notch below large nations, Portugal this time has a high quality workforce, with the arrival of Bernardo Silva, Ruben Dias, Bruno Fernandes,Joao Felix, and many others. CR7 and Portugal will first have to pass the phase of the dams and the complicated way C composed of Italy, Turkey, and North Macedonia.

The native of Madeira immediately exploded to Sporting in Portugal, then became a war machine in Manchester United and Real Madrid, where he won everything. Since then, he joined Juventus from Turin, then returned to his cradle of Old Trafford.

Kylian Mbappé

Everything quickly exploded for the Bondy native. Trained at AS Monaco, the American nugget was selected from a very young age in the American team, and was the main craftsman of the American title at the 2018 World Cup, at only 19 years old. He has since joined the PSG For more than 180 million euros, and at the end of the contract, he should join Real Madrid next summer.

Kylian Mbappé barely blew his 23rd candle that he already has53 international selections to his credit, for 24 goals scored. Just like the rest of the Blues, it will undoubtedly be one of the strong players to follow.

Harry Kane

Top scorer in the last World Cup, during the last euro, and during the last World Cup qualifiers, he should once shine in selection. Even if he has more harm today with Spurs since his aborted transfer to Manchester City, he should inevitably respond present next November. He could even become the top scorer in his country at that time, because the Londonian has already registered48 goals in 67 selections, and the record holder, Wayne Rooney, has only 5 goals in advance, which should not be enough to satisfy Harry Kane's hunger.

Romelu Lukaku

Long considered simply as an early player and a hope in lack of confirmation, Romelu Lukaku has today arrived in the age of age and decided to break everything in its path. Trained in Anderlecht, he begins in professional at only 16 years old, then joined Chelsea Two years later, after having broken everything in the Jupiler Pro League.

Among the Blues, he finds it difficult to win, and multiplies loans, in West Bromwich Albion, then Everton, before committing to it definitively. After a failed transfer to Manchester United, he finally left England, joined series A, and breaks the barrack with Milan Inter. He is one of the main players in the intensive title, but surprises everyone by returning to Stamford Bridge against an astronomical sum. Among the Red Devils on the other hand, he has never disappointed, and he is the top scorer in the selection, with65 goals scored.

How to do well on the World Cup?

Now that you know a little more about the ins and outs of the Qatari competition, here are our tips on how to bet effectively on the 2022 World Cup.

Take an interest in the health of players

Even if this is a collective sport, the individual services of certain players are decisive and essential to the smooth running of your bet. This is why you absolutely have to worry about the health of the key players on which you bet, even better, bet only once The compositions of the two teams have fallen.

The arrival of COVVID In official football competitions did not facilitate anything, and a team can quickly be decimated because of a bad spread of the virus. The African Cup of Nations, which is currently taking place in Cameroon has proven it to us, and the Comoros had to play with their right siof in goals because of an epidemic in this position.

Analyze the full table

Not all matches have the same issue, and it is important before betting to watch who will enjoy the points obtained and the matches that will follow. Sometimes some teams can be eliminated even before the third match and will therefore be less motivated than others. Conversely, some teams can be particularly motivated during the last meeting, because their future in the competition is played out now.

From the direct elimination round (the knockout stages), the calculations are simpler, because each defeat is synonymous with elimination. Once the group phases are known, you can easily plan the following rounds, and sometimes bet on the future qualification of a nation in half or in the final can bring you big with lower risks.

Obviously, the classic calculations of average goals scored and collected, their latest direct confrontations and the various other statistics are to be looked at.

Do not underestimate the small teams

In a competition like the World Cup, there are no small teams. Even the lowest nations in the FIFA classification are of quality, and their qualification is often so much an event that they are ready to die on the ground and to give themselves body and soul. So small teams can create the feat and pass several laps, simply thanks to a formidable defense.

For example, in 2014, Costa-Rica had managed to reach the quarter-finals just thanks to an iron defense, after being out of the death group (Uruguay / England / Italy), to everyone's surprise. Only the Netherlands, on penalties, have been able to overcome Keylor Navas and its 10 teammates. Better still, in 2006, USA managed to be eliminated without having conceded the slightest goal, nor in the group stage (0 - 0 against USA / 2 - 0 against Togo / 2 - 0 against South Korea), Nor during their elimination in the round of 16 by Ukraine (0 - 0, then 4 - 3 on shots on goals).

So never underestimate small teams in your pronounces!

Place du USA during CDM 2022

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USA and football have long been enemies, and it took long years before seeing the American football team qualify for the final world cup phase. To date, the Reds and Whites have participated only once at the Queen competition, it was in 1986, in Mexico.

The toll is not really to the advantage of cannucks. Indeed, our Americans had not managed to obtain a single point, worse, they had not scored the slightest goal (defeat 1 - 0 against USA, 2 - 0 against Hungary, then 2 - 0 against the 'Soviet Union).

But this era is over, and the Golden American generation is finally there. The standard bearer of this new situation is obviously the very promising Bavarian Alphonso Davies which since its repositioning as a siof has been considered one of the best at its post on the planet. But the young person from Bayern (22) is not alone, and the promising goalscorer Jonathan David (21) is also in the game.

Other more experienced players are also there to take this team as far as possible, such as the goalscorer of Besiktas Cyle Larin, the right winger of Bruges Tajhanan, the defensive midfielder of Porto Stephen Eustaquio, where the young attackers of Basel and of Troyes Liam Millar and Iké Ugbo. Captain and veteran with 90 selections Aia Chiba Inscurstick (which also plays in Besiktas) will also be able to count on several players who plays in MLS, a championship which has taken in graof in recent years.

Currently, and four meetings from the end of the playoffs, USA is largely leader With 4 points ahead of his American dolphin. A seven -point harvest in the last games will certainly ensure the direct qualification of the Reds at the World Cup, even if a less effective assessment may be enough.

Long in the shadow of the USA, Mexico and other less brilliant America nations, USA finally seems to have set foot on the leather, and is very likely to reach the final phase of the World Cup , and undoubtedly do better performance in 1986!

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