Golf prognosis: our specialists give you the best advice

We decided to write this article to give you advice to place Prognosis Golf in the best way!

Our experts will offer you a list of the best bookmakers for this sport, detail you with competitions but also the best players and exclusive advice. An article not to be missed to successfully bet on golf.

The 3 American Bookmakers to bet on golf
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The best books to bet on golf

Our experts have selected for you a list of three of the best books available in USA to place a pronostic golf 2022. They were selected thanks to several very precise criteria which allow us to ensure that it is the cream of the cream!

Our selection criteria:

  • 🎁 The bonuses : we compare all the offers and promotions available on the market to keep only those which are most interesting in terms of amount and condition also;
  • 📈 the dimensions : It is important that you can bet on the golf with the highest ratings on the market, simply because it will completely change your gains in the long term;
  • 🌐 Security : Our experts check that these sites are 100 % safe and that American players will be able to deposit their money and disclose their information without any risk.

This is the very first step to be able to place a golf sports bet. Indeed, choosing your bookmaker is not at all to be taken lightly because it will change your gaming experience at all levels. We have done the job for you! ⬇️

The 3 American Bookmakers to bet on golf
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet

The biggest golf competitions 2022

In this part, you will know the most prestigious golf competitions available in Paris. It is important to have them in mind to find out what opportunities are available to you.

Masters of Golf

This is one of the best world championships which is also part of the famous Grand Colem. Sometimes called the Masters Tournament, it is traditionally disputed during The second week of April each year. This is the tournament that makes professional players start the year. The Masters of Golf The Augusta National Golf Club takes place in Georgia, in the United States.

The route has 18 holes, the terrain is a total length of 7,445 yards (6.799m). This tournament takes place in Stroke-Play (sometimes called Medal Play), which takes into account every blow played during the game, including the penalty from the 1st to the 18th hole. You have to make the smallest number of blows. The Endowment is $ 9,500,000 And is one of the highest in the Grand Slam. This event is much more prestigious than the other PGA Tour tournaments, such as the Wells Fargo Championship.

The last winners of golf masters:

  • Hideki Matsuyama (Japan) in 2021 with a -10 score;
  • Dustin Johnson (US) in 2020 with a score of -20;
  • Tiger Woods (US) in 2019 with a -13 score).

It is very largely the American golfers who dominate this Masters Golf tournament, with more than 59 victories, against only 5 for the second nation (South Africa and Spain). The record holder of this tournament is Jack Nicklaus with 6 victories, followed by Tiger Woods with 5 victories including his last in 2019.

US Open the Golf

It is also one of the four Golf Golf Tournaments. It was founded in 1895 and was the subject of many predictions during its progress. It takes place annually, generally in June. The course is selected in rotation in the United States, each year the 156 players who qualify changes ground! L'US Open Golf 2021 took place on the Torrey Pines golf course at La Jolla in California.

The tournament is also an 18 -hole, on a field which still makes 7,685 yards (7,027m). It takes place in the Stroke Play format, just like most major golf tournaments! With a Endowment of $ 7,500,000, you can count on the motivation of the best players.

📌 The last winners of the US Open Golf:

  • Jon Rahm (Spain) in 2021 with a -6 score;
  • Bryson Dechambeau (US) in 2020 with a -6 score;
  • Gary Woodland (US) in 2019 with a -13 score.

As often in golf, it is the Americans who are largely in mind on the number of total victories at the US Open of Golf. Even if at the level of the victory record on the course, the first place is divided between three Americans and a Scottish Willie Anderson with 4 victories.

British Open

Each year this competition which is the third of the Grand Slam takes place in the United Kingdom. Sometimes called Open Championship ou encore British Open aux États-Unis, il s’agit du vieux tournoi of golf du monde. Celui-ci a été créé en 1860 par le R& A Golf Club of St Andrews. Il a lieu autour of juillet généralement dans l’un des parcours présents dans la rotation, en Ecosse ou en Angleterre.

It is also a stroke play route on an 18 -hole, the Competition endowment for the winner is $ 5,335,867.

📌 The last winners of the British Open:

  • Collin Morikawa (US) in 2021 with a -15 score;
  • Shane Lowry (Ireland) in 2019 with a -15 score;
  • USAsco Molinari (Italy) in 2018 with a score of -8.

The tournament was unfortunately canceled in 2020 following the world pandemic, but he resumed in 2021 for an American victory. This tournament is often an excellent opportunity to place golf sports betting!

PGA Championship

Founded in 1916 it is the last Grand Golf Golf Tournament. It generally takes place in May and has become one of the largest tournaments in the world. On bookmakers you will often find it in the name of US PGA or PGA Championship. It is organized by the Association of American Professional Golfers (PGA) and can take place in various courses in the United States.

With a Endowment of $ 10,000,000,The tournament is one of the most anticipated by the biggest golf players. Long played in Play match format, the tournament has now passed in Stroke Play, like all the other Grand Chelem tournaments.

📌 The last winners of the US PGA:

  • Phil Mickelson (US) in 2021 with a -6 score;
  • Collin Morikawa (US) in 2020 with a score of -13;
  • Brooks Koepka (US) in 2019 with a -8 score.

During the last edition, the oldest golfer record that won the competition fell since Phil Mickelson managed to win the title at 50 years and 11 months. This is clearly an event that you will not have to miss if you want to bet on the golf course!

Other golf competitors

Obviously, throughout the year you can find other opportunities to place golf bets. Our experts wish to make you a list of the most interesting tournaments to follow for your forecasts:

  • Golf world championship : HSBC, Dell Match Play, Mexico, Bridgestone ;
  • FedEx Cup : CIMB Classic, RBC Heritage,, McGladrey Classic, Mayakoba, Tournoi des champions, Open Porto Rico ;
  • By team : Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, World Cup ;
  • Challenge : PGA Grand Slam, Wendy's 3-Tour Challenge, Tavistock Cup.

We would not have enough an entire article to be able to present you each of the golf tournaments that exist and which are available on the bookmakers that we have selected. What is certain is that you will have opportunities throughout the year to play on golf!

The best golf players

We want to present the best golf players currently in the world, this can clearly help you place Golf 2021 forecasts since it is often these names that come back and arrive in the best places of tournaments.

  • John Rahm : The Spaniard of only 27 years old became the world number one in July 2020. He passed pro in 2016 and managed to win the US Open already in 2021! With fourth places at the Masters and PGAs in 2018, it is often present at the top of the ranking and risks rising in power over time;
  • Dustin Johnson : the American is no longer to present. He has had 17 career titles since he joined the PGA circuit. He won the Masters in 2020 where he broke the previous Tiger Woods record with -20 sous the par and the US Open in 2016. He still misses the British Open and the US PGA to complete his collection;
  • Kockin Morikawa: World number 3 is surely the future of American golf course. At only 24 years old he won the British open and the US PGA in the space of two years. He maof a lot of noise on his victory at the PGA in San Fransisco during the last round, attacking the green and placing himself 2m10 from the hole in one. He is a player who must absolutely follow.

Clearly, these three players are the best for us in the world. If you like to place golf forecasts, you must already know them. But if you want a simple expert advice, keep an eye on them throughout the year!

The 3 American Bookmakers to bet on golf
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet

4 tips for your golf prognosis

In this part we will reveal to you for free Our four expert advice To bet on golf in the best way.

Nothing should be done at random, sport is not Russian roulette and it is possible to put your chances on your siof by following some tips!

Follow the news at the golf course

Like most of the sports that exist, you absolutely have to immerse yourself in it to be able to be effective during your bets. For this, nothing like following golf news thanks to one of the sites specializing in this sport. This will allow you to know players' state of mind Before competitions or very useful information.

Know that bookmakers also use some of this information to determine the dimensions and they can sometimes forget! This is why we advise you to consult Golf news To not miss any opportunity or information that could change the entire competition.

Observe the dimensions

Our experts can only advise you to carefully observe the odds offered by bookmakers on the Golf competition that interests you. Indeed, this will give you a good idea of the form of players and could also offer you opportunities for Value Bet. That is to say, ratings which, in your opinion, are not up to par and can come from a bookmaker error.

Golf is often very complicated to bet, as there are players who participate in a single competition. But that doesn’t mean that it’s difficult, because often, as in all sports, players stand out and make golf forecasts easier. So pay attention to the dimensions And to the evolution of these!

Analyze the latest results and statistics

To bet on golf, nothing like analyzing the latest results from the various competitions that took place. Indeed, that means a lot of the Golfers shape And will be able to guiof you for your bets on the next events that take place. In golf, it often happens that players chain victories because they are in total confidence and arrive with the motivation to keep their superiority.

You can consult different Sports results sites, which offer not only the general rankings, but also the details of each of the players and the various rounds of the competition. You may have the opportunity to detect trends from different players.

Manage your bankroll

We often forget it, but you absolutely have to play in a responsible manner and manage your capital when you place a bet, whether on golf, or on any other sport. Also, and unlike other sports, golf is often played with Paris in the longer term. Tournaments take place all year round but bettors like to enjoy the ratings of the best bookmakers in advance. However, you have to place endangered without putting yourself in danger!

We always advise to place a maximum of 5 % of your capital Total on a golf prognosis. This will allow you to play more detached, without risking making a bankrupt if you lose. You must see forecasts as a pleasure and never endanger your financial or psychological health.

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