Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield 2022: our winning prognosis

HourlySunday, May 29, 2022
Our prognosisMike Tyson's victory
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Our prognosis

Mike Tyson's victory
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Pronostic Mike Tyson VS Evander Holyfield – Les points clés

  • The two fighters, from 55 and 59 years old, go up exceptionally to the ring, after their first two fights of Bet on boxing with Betway

Mike Tyson VS Evander Holyfield Pronostic – Notre Conclusion

To better summarize the situation, here is the summary table of the two fighters:

Category Mike Tyson Evander Holyfield
Age 55 years (June 30, 1966) 59 years (October 19, 1962)
Nationality American American
Nickname Iron / The Child Dynamite / The Unpesembled Man on the planet Le guerrier / The Real Deal
Weight category Heavy weights Heavy weights
Cut 1 meter 78 1 meter 89
Elongate 1 meter 80 1 meter 97
Date of the last fight June 11, 2005 at 38 and 346 days May 7, 2011, at 48 years and 200 days
Number of fights 58 57
Number of victories 50 44
Number of victories by K.O 44 29
Number of victories per decision 5 14
Number of victories by disqualification 1 1
Number of draws 2 2
Number of defeats 6 10
Number of defeats by K.O 5 2
Number of defeats per decision 0 8
Number of defeats by disqualification 1 0

Beyond the return of retirement of these two legends, this fight is eagerly awaited because Evander Holyfield is The only boxer to have beaten Tyson Fury twice, with, what is more, 0 defeat suffers against him, a real feat. This record therefore brought King Tyson out of his retirement, to challenge the one who hurt him so much.

It is always difficult to announce a winner, and even more when the fighters come back after more than 10 years of absence. However, we see Tyson winning the duel, more revengeful, younger, he seems better armed.

🥇 Our prognosis ? Mike Tyson wins the fight! 🥊

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