Minor protection

The legislation is very clear compared to the legal age of a sports betting player. It is strictly forbidden to play if you are under 18 years old. This same law governs on all online and land sports betting sites. Indeed, games of chance and money are offered to players in order to be a source of entertainment. For the majority of them, this activity has no consequences and is not harmful in their personal lives. However, for people considered to be lower, the perception of such an activity could be different. It is for this reason that sites prohibit their access to minors. The age of 18 is considered to be the transition to adulthood. Therefore, we consider the more responsible person. She will therefore be able to think and reflect her actions and play in a responsible manner. Discover our article from Guide.

Vigilance is the key

If a minor tries to register on an online game site, his registration will be refused if he correctly indicates his date of birth. This is why minors who want to get around this law generally use the identity of a third person. This is why, especially if you have children, we recommend that you be vigilant to ensure their own protections. For this, we offer these few rules to follow that will protect your children.

If a minor asks you to create an account on an online game site on your behalf so that he can use it, only one answer is essential. It is obviously negative. Just explain him that he is preferable for him that he was waiting for his majority. He can fully benefit from the offer offered at the appropriate age. If you already have an account, do not share your account identifiers with a minor, even if it asks you.

Simple gestures

The minor may also try to play on your account without your knowledge. In this case, you just need to activate the function " Remember my password »On your sports betting site. If it tries to connect to your account, the connection will not be automatic. Since the pseudonym and password are two essential elements to connect to the player account, it will see the access blocked. Perhaps he dares/she ask you the password of your account. In this case, you already know the answer to provide: it is a non -clear and final!

Software to install

If a person under 18 lives under your roof, a reliable solution can be adopted. Indeed, you can actually install parental control software or an internet filter on your computers. This can be the best solutions so that you can calmly enjoy your online sports betting sites. Anyway, don't forget that all these tips are in order to protect your child, whether they are aware of it or not. This is also a parent.

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