Paris ESPORT: our advice to bet on this new discipline

Nintendo, Sega and PlayStation game lovers finally hold a sports betting offer in their image. Indeed, the gamers 80s are the new target of Paris sites! These online bookmakers now allow you to place Sports prognosis On video game competitions.

The 3 best books to bet on eSport
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Called esport or simply electronic sport, this new discipline opposes professional video game players. We invite you to know everything about Paris sports Through this section!

Our free predictions to bet on ESPORT

Bet on the new trend of the moment with a Paris ESPORT site

Unlike bettors specializing in football or tennis, you will experience Some difficulties finding a quality esport bookmaker.

Indeed, even if eSports develops, this new sector remains confidential compared to major sports such as football, tennis, basketball or hockey.

This is the reason why some Paris sites simply do not offer this sport in their categories. To avoid this mishap, we reveal our Top 3 Best Bookmakers of the moment to bet on eSports. Betway is notably a Paris ESPORT SITE Quite famous. Discover below our selection of the best Paris sites on ESPORT:

The 3 best books to bet on eSport
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet

How to choose a bookmaker to make esports bets

If you intend to betting esport, you must therefore choose a bookmaker that is specialized in this new discipline. You can opt for one of the Paris sites selected in our Top 3, but you can also base yourself on several selection criteria to find the bookmaker that best meets your expectations.

The presence of esports in the catalog

First of all, you need to make sure that eSport is part of the Paris range offered by your bookmaker. Insofar as it is a fairly recent discipline, it is not necessarily found on all the platforms available in USA. You must also check that the most important competitions are present on the site.

The amount of ratings on esports

Each bet is matching a dimension and it is this figure that determines the amount of your potential earnings. We therefore advise you to compare the dimensions available on the Paris sites by taking the same event as a basis. You will thus be able to determine the most advantageous bookmaker. You can also consult our journals dedicated to Paris sites.

Bonuses offered on esports

Each online bookmaker gives you a welcome bonus and several promotions. However, these bonuses sometimes meet very specific conditions and are therefore not necessarily valid throughout the catalog. To find out if eSport is included in these offers, it is preferable to consult the page dedicated to promotions and read the conditions of each bonus.

The advantages offered on esports

Some operators are really specialized in eSports and this is materialized by many advantages intended for bettors. These can be statistics provided on each electronic sport event, a streaming service to see certain events for free or even a live space to bet on the matches that have already started.

The trend of bets esport

If the popularity of stop sports is exploding on American sports betting sites, this sport is not new. Indeed, esports competitions began in the 90s in South Korea. The first esports competitions opposed participants from around the world on the Starcraft game.

The players took place in arenas of A few hundred spectators And clashed through tournaments for modest prices. European players have managed to win in South Korea and participated in the popularization of sport. We can notably cite the case of American Bertrand Grospellier.

Since the early 2000s, e-sport has invaded the screens. Esport competitions are now broadcast on streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube. Professionals of this sport can today earn millions and are sponsored by the biggest brands.

The 3 best books to bet on eSport
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet

How to bet ESPORT?

ESPORT is a discipline of a new kind and therefore has several particularities to take into account for your future Paris. If you want to bet on electronic sport, there is no secret: you must both assimilate the specific vocabulary, use new types of bets and vary your sources of information!

Specific vocabulary

The world of video games has its own language, which sometimes makes its access difficult to uninitiated. We also find specific terms associated with each game! To take the example of League of Legends, theInsec is a technique that allows the player to find himself behind an opponent in order to project him towards the members of his own team.

Other terms are inseparable from lol: the last hitting, the push, the freeze etc… Before betting on a competition and therefore on a particular game, you must imperatively master the vocabulary specific to this discipline.

New types of betting

Traditional bets can be useful for preparing your ESPORT predictions. We are thinking in particular of the simple bet and the combined bet, two forms of bets which allow you to bet on the end result of one or more games. However, we also advise you to take an interest in other so -called special Paris.

These new types of bets have appeared at the same time as eSports and therefore adapt to the specifics of the discipline. For example, you can bet on the number of kills carried out by a player (Call of Duty, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive), on the number of drakes captured (League of Legends), on the number of full team (Pronostic Sport CSGO) etc ...

Information sources

ESPORT is a relatively recent discipline, which is accompanied by a certain skepticism in the old generations and the traditional media. So you are not going to be able to deepen your knowledge and follow the news of electronic sport via television or the written press.

It is best to orient yourself towards streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube not to miss any information related to esports. By making this choice, you will also be able to view many live events! Do not hesitate to follow one or more streamers to follow the news from ESPORT on a daily basis.

What games is it possible to bet on eSports?

Call of Duty Counter Strike League of Legends Fortnite
Starcraft II Dota 2 Rocket League Fifa
NBA 2K Overwatch Hearthstone Rainbow Six
Halo Valuing Pokémon Shoot Mania

Bet on the best teams to bet ESPORT

Even if competitions have nothing to do with a classic sport, esports teams have a similar operation in their organization. They thus have a name, a presidency, an administration, coaches, sponsors, and a budget.

The best known teams obtain profits that amount to several million dollars. We think in particular of 5 teams in particular, even if this classification is perpetual evolution. Here are the teams to know for bet on esports :

  • : Strengthened by its success on Dota 2 and CS: Go, this team finished first at ESL One Birmingham, Bucharest Major and ESL One Katowice in 2018.
  • Fnatic : This team is most certainly the one that has diversified the most. Its earnings in the previous year thus come from more than 27 different games, including Counter Strike, CS: GO or LOL.
  • Newbee : A great specialist in Dota 2, this team won the international of this game in 2014 and finished second in 2017. It has been watching regularly on Dota 2 for a few years.
  • Evil Geniuses : Founded in 1999, it is one of the oldest teams in the circuit. Held for a while by Amazon, she won many trophies on Starcraft, Halo and Call of Duty in particular.
  • Team Liquid : Number 1 in our ranking, Team Liquid amassed more than 20 million euros in earnings. The team has notably won the International of Dota 2 with a PrizeMoney of $ 10.8 million. A team that will necessarily be considered for your Paris sport.

Professional electronic sport players

Professional electronic sport players are very young and their careers are quite short. Indeed, the average age of practitioners does not exceed 25 years. Players must show reflexes, endurance and strategy.

To become an esport professional, it is necessary to play for thousands of hours On games like Counter Strike or Call of Duty. Generally, careers are very short in electronic sport. Professionals remain at the top for 2 to 3 years. This is explained by the very high level of practitioners and the intensity of the games that use the players.

Many video games available for your esport prognosis

If you dream of pursuing a career in eSport by playing on GTA or Metal Gear Solid, you will probably remain unemployed. Indeed, only a handful of video games are practiced in esports! Among the titles practiced, there are strategy and FPS games like Starcraft, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Dota 2, FIFA or the Last Fortnite.

It is therefore natural that your predicted sport will concern one of these games. We obviously advise you to master the operation of a game before betting on e-sport. For example, football fans should not be disoriented by focusing on an electronic sport competition on FIFA, or first -person shooting fans will be delighted with the pronostic Counter Strike !

The most anticipated competitions on each Paris ESPORT site

Esport competitions have developed well from the ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup), a pioneer in the environment. Today, the industry has developed strongly, with many events throughout the year. Here are the top 10 most anticipated events on each Site Paris Esport :

  • Fortnite World Cup (100 million of dollars a prime one 2019)
  • League of Legends World Championship
  • The International
  • Call of Duty World League (CWL)
  • Free Fire World Series
  • IEM Katowice
  • The Overwatch League
  • HALO World Championship
  • PUBG Global Championship
  • Forts Skirmis
  • DOTA 2 Asia Championships
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