Tennis prognosis: our best tips for betting on tennis

"Tennis is more than a sport. It’s an art, just like dance ”. We can only apply this sentence attributed to the legendary Bill Tilden So much we have always fascinated by the little yellow ball. Cradled in our youth by the exploits of John McENROE, Bjorn Borg and Ivan Lendl, we never stopped following the tennis games thereafter. And obviously, we are not the only ones ...

Indeed, this discipline remains one of the most popular around the world, and the prognosis tennis is logically very widespread among bettors. Unlike other sports, it is nevertheless very difficult to do well thanks to sports betting. It is therefore quite natural that our editorial team has concocted a special menu devoted to tennis prognosis! Victory is now within racket reach ...

Before you start betting, you have to find the best Tennis bookmaker. Here is our top 3:

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Before betting on tennis, we advise you to choose your platform. You should know that all bookmakers do not offer the same services or the same options for betting on tennis. We have also presented you above the three operators specializing in our favorite discipline.

By making this choice, you can consult more detailed statistics On each match and on each player. In some cases, it will even be possible to follow meetings via a completely free streaming system. Also remember to take advantage of the many bonuses available since they will allow you to multiply the balance of your account or to secure certain bets. The best Bookmaker Tennis generally offers you Free Paris During major tennis tournaments, take advantage of it!

Let's start on good bases with a little reminder of the unknown origins of Tennis Prognosis

Tennis appeared In the middle of the 19th century And is an English adaptation of the palm game. Very quickly, this racket sport is exported to USA and then around the world. Several tournaments are organized, including the ancestors of the four Grand Chelem tournaments: the Wimbledon tournament in 1877, the United States Championships in 1881, the American championship in 1891 and the Australas Internationals in 1905. As for the Cup Davis, it was inaugurated in 1900.

While The first champions (René Lacoste, Bill Tilden, Fred Perry, Suzanne Lenglen ...) mark the collective imagination, we must still wait until 1968 for tennis prognosis finally to professionalize with the start of The open era. Players use new preparation techniques and premiums are much more substantial during Grand Slam tournaments, which then take on paramount importance. Performance and records follow one another, to the delight of spectators who see huge champions scrolling.

Throughout the season, consult our expert tennis forecast on the following competitions

As a tennis prognosis specialist, our duty is to accompany you throughout the season on the courts. Of course, we have a small weakness for the biggest competitions, and our advice is always up to the event! Discover here in more detail our program on tennis sports betting.

  • The Davis Cup

    The Davis Cup is the largest international tennis competition. Created by Dwight Davis, she opposes the best national teams throughout the season. If the United States remains the most titled selection (32) ahead of Australia (28) and USA (10), USA has never managed to win the Davis Cup ... From 2019, the Tournament format will be radically changed, a first for more than 118 years. From now on, this competition will be played over a week, with 18 teams and on neutral field. The goal here is to attract the best ATP players again and generate more benefits. Although there is a skeptical on this new formula, our editorial staff will obviously give you prognostic advice to win your online tennis sports betting.

  • L’ATP Finals (Tennis Masters)

    L’ATP Finals is considered the most prestigious tournament behind the four Grand Salm meetings. Also called Masters, this competition brings together the eight best players in the world. The first two of each group are then found in the semi-finals and the final department the two players still in the running. The ATP FINALS still takes place at the end of the year, and is full of opportunities to seize, provided that a Tennis analysis Sports analysis is established. With this in mind, the best Tennis prognosis site will always assist you during the Masters!

  • The four Grand Chelem tournaments

    The four tournaments of Chelem are the following : Open the Australia, Roland-Garros, Wimbledon and US Open. These are the four most prestigious tournaments in the world and everyone takes place over two weeks in a row. We are talking about Grand Colem when a player wins the four tournaments over a year. Among men, only Donald Budge (1938) and Rod Laver (1962 and 1969) accomplished this feat while Maureen Connoly (1953), Margaret Smith Court (1970) and Steffi Graff (1988) among women. In view of the difficulty of such a performance, especially since the beginning of the Open era, we are also talking about Big career in career : In addition to the names previously cited, Fred Perry (1935), Roy Emerson (1964), André Agassi (1999), Roger Federer (2009), Rafael Nadal (2010), Novak Djokovic (2016), Doris Hart (1954), Shirley Fry (1957), Billie Jean King (1972), Chris Evert (1982) and Maria Sharapova (2012) are part of this very closed circle. At the dawn of each of these tournaments, you will in any case find a tennis prognosis assistance only on our site.

To bet on tennis, you must very closely follow the news of players

Whether it is ATP or WTA, these rankings should not have any secrets for you! On the siof of the male painting, we are fortunate to live the grandest time for tennis forecasts. Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic et Rafael Nadal Outlessly dominate this sport and beat all possible records. If their ratings are often less high, you are more likely to win your Tennis Prognosis sports betting by focusing on these three monsters on the circuit.

Behind, however, excellent players act as outsiders like Juan Martin Del Potro, Alexander Zverev, Dominic Thiem or John Isner. Americans are also in good position in the ranking with Milos Raonic, Denis Shapovalov and the promising Felix auger-aliassime.

In women, the fight is more disputed between Ashleigh Barty, Naomi Osaka, Simona Halep, Kiki Bertens, Karolina Pliskova and the Unusual Serena Williams. Starting from this observation, the tennis sports bet can be really profitable using the raised ratings wisely.

Your Tennis Prognosis sports betting will be more effective by favoring certain types of bets

Tennis is a sport with specificities and rules that are specific to it, and that is what makes all its charm. We therefore advise you to optimize your chances of making money by choosing both the type of bet that suits you and the one that is best suited to this discipline. The first thing to do when you deciof to bet is to detach yourself from the sports show. Thus, even if the program is dense at the level of sports betting tennis, you should not bet in quantity. If a quality bet is not available, go your way rather than losing money unnecessarily.

For beginners, it is best to start with betting Winner of the match. In other words, it is clearly a simple bet for two outcomes. Your chances of losing will be less and you can make long -term benefits. So be patient with this type of bet to save over time. Of course, if you want to put more likely on your side, you can also bet on the Winner of the 1st set.

To go further in the expert tennis prognosis, you should know that the pros bettors often use the features of the Live bet. Live Betting allows you to enjoy attractive ratings that will evolve throughout the game. Often in tennis, favorites lose some games before winning on their opponent. By betting live, the favorite rating for this specific case will be much higher than before the start of the match! By carefully following the meeting, you can guess the breaks and the outcome of the sets in advance.

For those who have a little more experience, you will be able to play Paris in Handicap tennis. The goal will be to reduce the advantage offered to the favorite player and therefore increase the rating. You will therefore be able to place betting on handicap on games, but also on the different sets of the meeting. Finally, the bet on the tournament winner Allows you to bet on the future winner of the competition. It is, in our eyes, all the strategies of Paris that you must favor concerning tennis.

Analyze all the criteria that will influence the meeting to succeed in your tennis forecasts

Observation and analysis are not to be overlooked before betting on tennis. Indeed, you will have to group a certain number of knowledge and information to increase your chances of winning your prono tennis. Several criteria Are to be assessed before a duel such as players' motivation, physical form, context, program, calendar, surface or the history of confrontations.

For example, if you carefully observe the ATP ranking, you will notice that some tournaments offer more points to players. As a result, some will be more motivated to win this or that competition.

Our free tennis forecast will also share with you the tips to get out of it winner

Certainly, you can count on our free tennis forecast to win your sports betting. Nevertheless, if you want to progress over time, you must respect several elements. To start, you have to know The lexicon specific to tennis : ace, set, tie break, break ball, match ball and ... in the same order of idea, each bettor must know how to analyze a meeting and be able to read the scoring. The players' style is also important and may not be suitable for the opponent.

What is the Tennis sports betting trick before each major competition?

Above all, it is necessary to take into account the specificity of the terrain (clay, grass, synthetic) and the current form of the players.

Let's finish this article dedicated to tennis sports betting with some useful anecdotes and statistics

Tennis is good, but the history of tennis is even better! If you want to go off the beaten track and duels between Federer and Nadal, you are in the right place. Let's talk a bit about the history of the queen discipline of racket sports. Through an original way of discovering tennis, you will know everything there is to know about the little yellow ball and its extraordinary athletes. Better than the books of the library and the Facebook tennis prognosis, we offer you a summary of the best anecdotes, to read in 3 minutes top time!

  • Play well, please!

    Did you know that a tennis player could be sanctioned if he played badly? The rule called "Lack of Effort Warning" aims to encourage players to give the best of themselves. Some athletes have already lost points by adopting a bad attituof during a meeting. Tennis is a demanding sport!

  • Double-dealing

    The Irish tennis player, Thomas Goold, is known to have reached the Wimbledon final in 1879. But not only! Indeed, then accompanied by his wife, the couple is arrested in Marseille because their suitcases let blood escape. By opening the luggage, we then find the body of a Swedish woman, cut into pieces. The player committed suiciof some time after his life sentence.

  • Double vie

    Renée Richards played his first Grand Slam match at the age of 43, during the US Open tournament in 1977. Beaten by champion Virginie Waof in two consecutive sets, we discover that Renée Richards was in fact, a man ! Richards Raskind was an ophthalmologist in New York, but also, before his sex change, a good amateur circuit player… male!

  • The player and the eagle

    Sometimes the tennis courts welcome more or less amazing players. This was particularly the case with Arthur Larsen, who, for example, won the US Open. The latter thought it had an eagle on his shoulder. Sometimes the tennis player was chatting with this imaginary bird in the middle of a match! Some doctors have detected, at home, a trauma linked to the Second World War. We do not know if this eagle caught up the balls in full flight.

  • Safin and its snowshoes

    Marat Safin was in the past, world number one. It is also renowned for its somewhat angry character! To express his dissatisfaction or to evacuate his rage, the tennis player broke his rackets. In total, he will have destroyed more than 1,000 in 700 games, or more than one racket broken per game. The tennis racket industry has never been so well worn!

The FAQ to understand everything

🎾 What do our tennis forecasts bring?

Trusting our pronostics tennis, you also trust a team of tennis experts with several years of experience in this sport and in sports betting. You will therefore have the certainty of benefiting from Sharp advice that will allow you to earn money throughout the year. Above all, all of Tennis sports betting of our site are accessible 100% for free.

🤑 On which bookmaker to use our free tennis forecasts?

Each prognosis on our site will tell you the Milerur bookmaker To be used for sports betting in question. The choice of bookmaker on our free tennis forecasts is motivated by several criteria, such as the coast and the bonuses offered. Most of the time, our choices are on these tennis specialized bookmakers:

❓ How to find the bookmaker with the best dimensions in tennis?

To find the bookmaker with the Best tennis ratings, several options are available to you. For example, you can go to the recommended bookmakers on each free prognosis. Bookmakers present on this special prognosis tennis page are also known to offer players the highest ratings on the market.

If you do not want to follow the advice of our experts, you can always compare manually The odds on all bookmakers on the American market.

🤓 How do we establish a tennis prognosis?

Any tennis prognosis is subject to a strict and rigorous process Set up by our tennis experts. Here are the steps that our team follows to make sure to offer you the best forecasts:

  • Consultation of matches available over the week and the tournament concerned;
  • Selection of an interesting match according to different criteria (characteristics of players, surface preference, etc.);
  • Verification of statistics (face-to-face, last games);
  • Finalization of the tennis sports bet;
  • Comparison of different bookmakers to find the best rating.
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