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L’Europa League (or Europa League) is the anteroom of the Champions League (or Champions League). It is indeed, the second largest European cup Just after the Champions League. We do not find the best teams in Europe, but not the worst either!

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History of the Europa League 2022

This competition, also called CC, succeeded the Fair cities cutting. This first competition took place between 1955 and 1971. It saw the host cities of international fairs confronted. The qualification of a club was therefore independent of the ranking of its national championship.

In 1971, the European soccer federation decided to replace this competition with the UEFA Cup. Are qualified at that time, the teams in the best place in the ranking in their championship except:

  • The winners Who play the European Cup of Champion Clubs (C1).
  • The National Cup champions Who play the cut of the cuts (C2).

Despite this obvious complexity between the organization of competitions and the qualification of the teams, certain soccer clubs largely dominated the history of the UEFA Cup, then the Europa League.

This is particularly the case English clubs (Tottenham and Liverpool) who won the trophy at the beginning of the competition, or Italian clubs In the 90s (3 victories for Inter and 3 for Juventus).

However, in recent years, the Europa League has seen 5 victories of the Spanish club of the Spanish club Sevilla FC, which therefore holds the trophy record.

Besides, between the first UEFA cup and the Europa League, the competition has developed considerably. While confrontations in the form of round-trip matches were privileged, it is now a Group stage which determines the best teams. You can also bet on clubs that have failed to qualify in Champions League. Indeed, we will find some teams that have failed the dams or during the group stage. This competition also concerns the teams that have finished very close to the podium in their respective championships.

Tips for betting on the Europe League

Even if the C3 is less popular than its big sister the Champions League, it can be very interesting to bet on this competition. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the world of sports betting, here are some tips to fill your pockets:

  • Watch out for your instinct

    Of course, it is fun to bet on a whim because you enjoy a team. But, for winning predictions, the ideal is to first carry out a Detailed analysis of the sports meeting. Take into account the composition of the team, the form of the players, the previous matches against the opposing team, the results of the last games, etc. Do Not on the emotion !

  • "For a winning bet, the ideal is to first carry out a detailed analysis of the sports meeting."

  • Use coast comparators

    From one bookmaker to the other, the Cotes can be more or less high. This difference will also depend on the final amount of your gain. Some sites compare the amounts of the odds for you. This will save you time, which you can use to analyze the chances of victory in one or the other team more in depth.

  • Choose a sufficient rating

    In order not to take too many risks, and if you are starting, you may tend to take refuge towards small dimensions. But you are not immune to a surprise. In order to make a nice gain, we advise you to Do not bet on a dimension less than 1.2. In the same way, Avoid dimensions greater than 4.00 which are rather risky because they are very uncertain.

  • Favor teams that descend from Champions League

    The results of these teams in the Europa League are generally very good. Indeed, do not forget that the level of the Champions League East superior to that of the Ligue Europa. The latter in the Champions League classification can therefore prove to be the first to that of the Europa League.

  • Remember to vary the types of betting

    Do not only stay on Simple Paris winning betting type. For example, in the Europa League, there are generally a lot of goals scored in matches. So you can try to bet on a large number of goals like a over 2.5 or even over 3.5. These ratings are often high and can therefore bring you big. The great diversity of different ratings in your Europa League forecasts can bring you big, especially in a handset

Learn more about bookmakers to predict on the European League 2022

Choosing the right bookmaker has become a priority and a duty for all new bettors. To help you in this quest not always easy, we advise you to focus on the height of its ratings, especially in the Europa League, but also on their welcome offer, promotional offers, bonuses offered, the ease of use of the Site, and forecasts on its mobile application.

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Europa League calendar 2022

The 2022 edition is already very advanced, and here is the results of this edition, starting from the group phases, and therefore by dismissing all the qualification phases which had started on July 19, 2021:

Group A:

Ranking Formation Points Goal Average
1 Olympique Lyonnais 16 + 11
2 Glasgow Rangers 8 + 1
3 Sparta Prague 7 - 3
4 Brondby 2 - 9

Group B:

Ranking Formation Points Goal Average
1 AS Monaco 12 + 3
2 Real society 9 + 3
3 PSV Eindhoven 8 + 1
4 Sturm Graz 2 - 7

Group C:

Ranking Team Points Goal Average
1 Spartak Mosca 10 + 1
2 SSC Napoli 10 + 5
3 Leicester City 8 + 1
4 Legia Varsovie 6 - 7

Group D:

Ranking Team Points Goal Average
1 Eintracht Francfort 12 + 4
2 Olympiakos 9 + 1
3 Fenerbahce 6 - 1
4 Antwerp 5 - 4

Group E:

Ranking Team Points Goal Average
1 Galatasaray 12 + 4
2 Lazio Rome 9 + 4
3 Olympic Marseille 7 - 1
4 Spartak Mosca 2 - 7

Group F:

Ranking Team Points Goal Average
1 Belgraof Red Star 11 + 2
2 Sporting of Braga 10 + 3
3 Central Jutland 9 0
4 Ludogorets Razgrad 2 - 5

Group G:

Ranking Team Points Goal Average
1 Bayer Leverkusen 13 + 9
2 Betis Seville 10 0
3 Celtic Glasgow 9 - 2
4 Ferencvaros 3 - 7

Group H:

Ranking Team Points Goal Average
1 West Ham United 13 + 8
2 Dinamo Zagreb 10 + 3
3 Vienna Rapid 6 - 5
4 Genk 5 - 6

Play-offs before the 8th finals (second of the groups against the drafts of the Champions League):

  • FC Séville - Dinamo Zagreb 3 - 1/0 - 1
  • FC Porto - Lazio Rome 2 - 1/2 - 2
  • Zenith St Pétersbourg - Bétis Seville 2 - 3/0 - 0
  • FC Barcelona - SSC Poly 1 - 1/4 - 2
  • RB Leipzig - Real Sociedad 2 - 2/3 - 1
  • Atalanta Bergame - Olympiakos 2 - 1 /3 - 0
  • Sheriff Tiraspol – Sporting Braga 2 – 0 / 0 – 3 ap
  • Borussia Dortmund – Glasgow Rangers 2 – 4 / 2 – 2

8th finals (winner of the play-offs against the 1st of Europa League groups):

  • Seville - West Ham United 1 - 0/0 - 2
  • FC Porto - Olympique Lyonnais 0 - 1/1 - 1
  • Bétis Seville - Eintracht Frankfurt 1 - 2 /1 - 1
  • FC Barcelone – Galatasaray 0 – 0 / 2 – 0
  • RB Leipzig - Spartak Moscow (Automatic Leipzig qualification following the conflict between Russia and Ukraine)
  • Atalanta Bergame - Bayer Leverkusen 3 - 2/1 1 - 0
  • Sporting Braga – AS Monaco 2 – 0 / 1 – 1
  • Glasgow Rangers - Belgraof Red Star 3 - 0/1 - 2

Quarterfinal :

  • West Ham United - Olympic Lyonnais 1 - 1/3 - 0
  • Eintracht Francfort - FC Barcelone 1 - 1/3 - 2
  • RB Leipzig - Atalanta Bergame 1 - 1/2 - 0
  • Sporting Braga – Glasgow Rangers 1 – 0 / 1 – 3 ap

Semi final :

  • West Ham United - Eintracht Francfort 1 - 2/0 - 1
  • RB Leipzig – Glasgow Rangers 1 – 0 / 1 – 3

Finale :

Eintracht Frankfurt - Glasgow Rangers which will take place on May 18, 2022 in Seville

The best Europa League teams of the year 2022

This year 2022 from Europa League had its share of surprises and twists and turns. Several European teams have surprised, others disappointed. Here are the 3 surprise teams from Europa League:

  • The Spartak Moscow: Fallen into the death group, the Russian club succeeded in finishing first in their group, by ahead of the great Napoli, and Leicester, two favorites playing in the best European championships, and used to playing the Champions League, or at least The Europa League. Unfortunately, they were unable to defend their place, because of the suspension of Russian clubs, after the actions of Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.
  • Eintracht Frankfurt: Fallen into one of the most raised groups of this year, the German football club has been able to get out of the claws of Fenerbahçe and Olympiakos, two historic clubs with a boiling atmosphere, and the Belgian club of Antwerp, by losing Not the slightest match. The reds and blacks then beat 3 large teams, still being outsiders, Bétis Seville first, FC Barcelona, then West Ham. They are now in the competition final, and have the opportunity to win their first European title.
  • Glasgow Rangers: The European experience had started badly for the Scottish club, and Giovanni Van Bronckhorst's men. Fallen into a complicated group, they manage to qualify thanks to a final draw on the Lyon lawn. Fallen against Borussia Dortmund, everyone gives them loser, but the Blues and Whites lose neither the round trip and go in the round of 16. They will then eliminate Belgraof Red Star, then Braga, each time thanks to a home service. Losing the first leg in the semi-finals, it was again in the Ibrox Stadium that they have been tearing up their fourth qualification in the European Cup final, the first since 1972.

The 3 disappointments of Europa League 2022:

  • Leicester City : Surprise champion of England in 2016, the Foxes have since stabilized at the top of the ranking, to the point of qualifying for the Europa League this year. Fallen into the death group, they are distanced by the Spartak Moscow and the Napoli and only manage to take a 3rd place, the fault of a draw conceded against Moscow, and a 1 - 0 defeat on the Legia field Warsaw. Back in the Europa league conference, they will fail in the semi-finals against AS Roma.
  • Olympic Marseille : Finally back in Europe, the Marseillais do not have to go out at the next round, by winning only once in 6 games, a short victory 1 - 0 against the Lokomotiv Moscow. They too fell into a league conference, they will also fail in the semi-finals, against the Feyenoord Rotterdam.
  • Le Borussia Dortmund: Fallen in the Champions League in a very affordable group, the yellows and blacks were catastrophic, and did not know how to qualify in the round of 16, being behind Ajax Amsterdam, and Sporting Portugal. Published in the Europa League, the Germans were then eliminated by the Glasgow Rangers, in particular by collecting 6 goals in two games.

The best players in the 2022 edition of Europa League

Here is our list of our 5 hearts on the 2022 edition of Europa League:

  • James Tavernier (English defender of Rangers): Tavernier may be a side, he is the top scorer of this edition of the Europa League! The captain of the Blues and Whites scored 7 goals and issued 3 assists in the 8 direct elimination games, statistics that all attackers would like to have. Explosive and solid, 4 of his seven achievements are penalties.
  • Elif Elmas (Macedonian medium of Naples): A real North Macedonian nugget, he had already caused a sensation last year, and Elmas confirmed this year. This season, the 22 -year -old has already played 43 games in all competitions, including the 8 Europa League games, where he managed to be decisive with 4 goals and 1 assist.
  • Galeno (Brazilian winger of Braga then Porto): It all started well for him with SC Braga, where the Brazilian winger counted 6 goals in as many games. Starting in winter for another club in the country, FC Porto, he did not find the net with them, stopping in the quarter -finals, before his former SC Braga club. Live explosive, good in both feet, the 24 -year -old will be followed.
  • Mislav Orsic (Ailier Croate Du Dinamo Zagreb): Above all, revealed last season during the historic Dinamo Zagreb course in the Europa League, once again confirmed by wearing the Croatian club to the play-offs, and a goal to release Sevilla, the most titled club of this competition. On a personal level, the Croatian international has scored 4 goals and issued 2 assists.
  • Daichi Kamada (Japanese environment of Eintracht Frankfurt): The Japanese playing master managed to take his team to the final and is still in the running to win this trophy for the second time to his club, after that of 1980. The Frankfurt Middle has scored 5 goals and 1 decisive pass .

Throughout this season of Europa League, other excellent players have disappointed, such as Moussa Dembélé, Lorenzo Insigne, or Memphis Depay.

What is our prognosis for the top scorer in the Europa League?

At a match at the end of the competition, we believe with certainty that James Tavernier will win this trophy, and will even surely be the best player in the competition. The only other player who could achieve, would be Daichi Kamada but we can hardly see the Japanese register at least 3 goals in the final.

Our Europa League 2022 winner prognosis

It is very complicated to bet on the winner of the Europa League 2022 final, because this final is very tight. But out of their base, the Rangers should encounter difficulties, and may well crack, probably in overtime or fire to goals.

FAQ : Pronostic Europa League

Where to bet on the Europa League?

Finding the best of bookmakers is always complicated, but we have selected you what was best in USA in USA, and internationally.

Discover our selection here

Which club has won the most Europa League?

It was the Liga Club of FC Sevilla won the most from Europa League, 6, and the last date of 2020 (victory 3 - 2 against Inter Milan).

Where to look at the League Europa?

Some bookmakers broadcast the Europa League, some clear channels too, but to be guaranteed to see all the matches, you need a subscription in RMC Sport.

Who is the winner of the European League 2021?

The title holder is Villarreal, semi-finalist of the Champions League in 2022, and who had beaten Manchester United after a breathtaking penalties session.

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